Friday, July 1, 2016



All Write Presents:


 Greg Tang is coming to Warsaw, IN
August 29, 2016 for a one day workshop grades 1-6!!
Best Practice Workshop
Greg Tang’s new grades 1-6 workshop is on “Best"Best Practices," but not just in the usual way! Greg will start with tips and strategies on "best practices" for teaching math more effectively – from using multiple representations, to using visuals, to moving away from visuals, to effective math talks, to differentiating instruction, to constructive constructivism, to teaching algorithms, to formative assessments, to increasing rigor.
We will then look at "best practices" – but meaning the best ways for students to practice! Greg and his team are working around the clock to develop games, materials and math centers that teach, reinforce, and provide hours and hours of meaningful practice. Our activities help students become fact and procedurally fluent, and target the most important skills, strategies and standards.
Greg’s unique approach to teaching mathematics combines best practices, for both teaching and student practice, is producing top test scores and happy students, teachers and parents across the country. Join us and you’ll come away with practical and proven ideas you can implement immediately in your classroom. Greg will help you make your own practices – the best!
To sign up for this workshop go to the link: